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Mistakes I've made in the past that I'd like to avoid making again.

I was listening to Robert Greene's book "The Laws of Human Nature." In one chapter, he discusses Howard Hughes, and the mistakes that he made repeatedly. Greene discusses how most of us repeat the mistakes that we make. If most of us could learn to avoid making the same mistakes, our lives/careers would benefit immensely. So if I sit and truly reflect on some of the mistakes that I've made, here are some that I would benefit directly from not making again.


    1. Burning bridges/holding grudges

    I've had a difficult time with some career/life transitions. Some of them have been changes that were made without any input from me. Still, I made them worse by holding grudges. A quote that comes to mind, "Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." We have such a short time here on this Earth. In the end, none of the petty grudges will matter. It's much healthier and efficient to forgive and move on.

    2. Caring too much what people think

    Once I started getting better at this, it was truly liberating. Sure, we all enjoyed being liked and accepted. But approval seeking can go too far.

    3. Getting stinking drunk

    Peer pressure is a bitch! Proud to say that I'm 5 years sober as I write these words.

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