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Mobile apps I'm planning to develop

    1. Drumsticks encyclopedia

    With all the parameters, facts, and drummers who are using them.

    2. Encyclopedia of all signatures guitars

    Discontinued or still present.

    3. Workout app for people with disabilities.

    It will suggest a workout routine based on your possibilities and advise on what parts of your body you can still involve and make stronger.

    4. Create sheet music for drums by processing a song.

    It will be a tough one, it will require a study of all the possible frequency ranges that drums and cymbals produce, I will need to find out how to isolate them from other instruments.

    5. Tracker of the important items stored in the apartment

    It's a personal problem of mine. I constantly forget about where I left what. Where is my old credit card, where is my office ID card since I haven't used it for a while because of a home office, where is some document, certificate or whatever? I know you can create a note in the Notes app or just store everything in the same place in the cupboard, but I want to be able to create some plan/blueprint of my apartment (like here is a bed, sofa, locker, box, etc.) and I can see how many items are assigned to this location, where exactly they are stored, maybe I can say that this document is in the yellow folder and so on.

    6. Cocktails recipes organizer

    I know there are a lot of them but I would a special way of it to work. I'm really interested in the visualization of the way cocktails would look like + the visibility of the price it costs to make a homemade cocktail.

    7. Basketball courts tracker.

    It's always great to know whether your favorite court is busy or totally free, so you can manage your plans accordingly. Will you be able to simply relax and shoot some hoops or will there be a couple of ballers to play with? It's for you to decide. So based on the map with locations of the courts it would be cool to understand the number of smartphones located in the area of a certain court to track the "traffic" metric similar to Google maps, at least for the people who have this app installed, without manually launching an app and telling it that you are here right now. I assume it's somehow not secure and violates many of the restrictions but I will think about it.

    8. App that will prompt you with some crazy scenario or task each day, to turn you into "YES" person and help you to overcome any barriers, any reasons to be shy

    So nothing criminal or violating anyone's life. For example, it may start with something easy, like asking a neighbor to share a chicken egg and giving him/her a whisky sour in return since you needed a glair of it, or maybe tell a guy on the street that he has a cool looking bicycle and ask him to give you a try of it, make a couple of circles on it

    9. App with Apple Watch companion tracking the consistency of your hand stroke with the drumstick

    10. Movie recommendation on the topic you want to become motivated about

    You can google it, for sure. But let's imagine I want to start skating, so it will give me all the movies about it.

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