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After an 80-page-book on the simplification of life (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09Y5ZNPZY) and a short picture book about a civilization of mice who want to send a rocket to the moon (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09XXY234N) my plan is to write one of those short books every few months and try a couple of things. This is a list of ideas what the next book could be about.

    1. Cooking for Minimalists

    Extreme minimalism: recipes with 2 or 3 ingredients, recipes that are extremely simple

    2. Linux for Neanderthals

    My knowledge of Linux is very limited, but I can achieve everything I want. A book of about 80 pages would be enough to enable a home user to switch - and get rid of most annoying computer problems.

    3. A Cat Novel

    A tomcat learns to read and improves his live - and also starts manipulating his humans

    4. The Book of Death

    The meaning of life and death, how people die, fear of death etc.

    5. Memory training and creativity

    Memorizing phone numbers and grocery list and preparing for exams can be surprisingly inspiring

    6. A picture book with a somehow grotesque element

    An elderly gentleman gets an elephant or a hyena as a pet to save taxes. A grizzly bear is looking for a job. An inventor who wants to create a new kind of refrigerator accidentally invents a time machine and suddenly finds himself among vikings.

    7. The book of what if

    For example: What if there were 3 genders and all of them necessary to have kids. What if there were no laws. What if there were still huge dinosaurs.

    8. A minimalist aquarium

    Without filter, for a single betta fish

    9. Poems and illustrations

    10. Translations of public domains books

    Alice's adventures in Wonderland, or The Prophet (by Khalil Gibran)

    11. Nostalgia: A book that's a collection of letters written to and from people of the past

    From the AI. I like that!

    12. The what-ifs: A book that explores all the different ways history could have played out

    Another one from the AI.

    13. Different dimensions: A book where the protagonist discovers there are other parallel universes and must find their way back to their own dimension

    Also from the AI. Reminds me of „Coraline“ by Neil Gaiman.

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