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More Like This on Spotify for The James Altucher Show

I thought this was funny and kind of interesting. I was thinking about listening to the show he has been promoting called "my first million" or something like that. I thought it might be under More Like This. It was not. These were.. at least on my Spotify. Hmm. Does this say something more about me or the show?

I only did the first 10.

    1. Psychedelics Today

    Explores research into psychedelics. huh. This did not connect for me. I am not mad about it but I thought it was interesting and funny. Is spotify saying because I like The James Altucher Show I would also like to learn about Psychedelics? Are the rest of you really interested in Psychedelics and it's telling me people who also listen to James listen to this podcast. So many questions. I think I will listen on my walk today. I will listen to.. Lyle Maxson- Virtual Reality, Biofeedback and Digital Therapeutics: The Future of Mental Health

    2. Flow Research Collective Radio

    Makes Sense. I feel like I first heard about Flow a few years back from a guest on the show. I downloaded the episode : Flow and Transcendence: Exploring the Intersection of Flow, Well-Being, and Transcendent Experiences.

    3. The Meb Faber Show

    What a name! I almost want to listen just to hear what it is short for. Mebel? Mebin?Mebid?Mebir?Mebo? hmm. The titles of the show are too much for me. Skip.

    4. The Game with Alex Hormozi

    Nice titles. I am downloading Turning Insecurities into Motivation. I was thinking about it today. If I wanted to do a quick challenge I would record myself saying my list one day. A short video for each one. It sounds terrifying to me right now. Maybe after this podcast I will have a change of mind.

    5. Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

    Yup. I remember this guy. His first one grabbed me DO THIS for 9 days to stop NEGATIVE thoughts and Emotions. However.. it's 2 hours and 19 minutes long. Does he just ramble a lot or is it a bunch of ads? I will save it for a long car ride.

    6. The Pomp Podcast

    Oh man.. Bitcoin. I don't know if I never got into Bitcoin and now I am like man I missed it and I am annoyed with myself or if I am annoyed with the whole concept of Bitcoin. It might be a little bit of both. Skip.

    7. What You Will Learn

    I haven't even clicked on it yet and I am already excited. Downloading Atlas of the Heart. I have heard a lot of great things about this book from a friend who I bought the book for at Christmas. They talk about books. How Fun!

    8. Invest Like the Best with Patrick O'Shaughnessy

    Did he really have to put that whole name in there? I almost want to skip just because he made me type it out. But I will look first. The first episode was about the Metaverse. Skip.

    9. Der Borseninvestor - Atkien, Borse and Geldanlage mit Ulrich Muller

    I mean my last name is in there kind of but it's all in German and I just can't.

    10. How I Work

    This one looks promising. Yessss. "Quirkology" Professor Wiseman on using Magic to up your public speaking game. Downloaded.

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