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More Reframes

I enjoyed my last list so let's see if I can think of any today.

    1. Misplenings make you stop and think

    This comes from the only Trump Truth posts I've ever seen.  And chances are (unless you use Truth) the only one's you've seen.  Trump misspells something and his posts spread like wildfire.  

    Maybe he really can't spell and is dislexic (in which case should he be mocked for it) or maybe he's getting you to stop and think, making his msg stick.

    If you want people to really take in and remember what your slaying misspell a word or too.

    2. Feelings > Facts

    We all like to think facts matter, but they don't.  We feel something and then back it up with whatever facts we have.  This is why we buy a medium sized drink for more money when we only needed a small.  Logically you spend less and get what you want, when feelings are involved we feel like we're losing out on something, so we spend more for the best deal.

    If you want to change people don't use facts, change how they feel and the 'facts' will follow.

    3. Bullying is a habit

    I'm sure I've written about this before somewhere, but it's worth repeating.  Bullying is a habit.  When they bully and get a reaction that makes them laugh/feel powerful they continue.  When they get a reaction that makes them feel weak/sad they move onto someone else.  If you want to stop yourself from being bullied don't allow them to feel anything but bad feelings for doing it.  

    4. Repeated lies are true

    Or at least people act as if they are.  If you're boss is unhappy with you just lie and say that your work is more amazing than anyone else's job.  You're work is actually better than all them combined.  You're work actually made a customer cry tears of joy it was so beautiful.

    I use to say I was the king of teaching and wore a paper crown in the office.  Now I talk about how beautiful my faceups are.  It deflects anything they throw at me and I'm always happy because I believe my nonsense rather than their putdowns.  

    You don't need to convince everyone, but stand your ground and you'll convince a few.  

    5. I'll survive

    You've survived everything life has thrown at you up till now and you know just how hard some of that was.  During that time it looked impossible to get through especially to get through it in the state your in.  You did the impossible, over and over again.  Next time you find yourself in a tough situation, one that looks impossible to get though remind yourself of your past trial's and tell yourself 'ill survive '. Because you will.

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