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Morning routine

Today's been good. Why? I did a few things to get the most out of my morning. 

I didn't do all these things today, but I find when I do these things the whole day improves. 

    1. Read

    I ordered a new book 'The Luck Factor - Richard Wiseman' and finished the first chapter. Already I've learnt that luck has a great deal of impact on our lives. What role did luck play in your relationships, Carrer, friendships and major events in your life?

    You could write a list on all the ways luck affected your life to help tune yourself into seeing more luck in the future. 

    When I read in the mornings I feel like I've already acomplished my learning goal for the day. 

    2. Lift

    I lifted weights as soon as I got up and quickly felt great and ready to start the day. I've been complimented a good few times since I started lifting again, it's made a noticeable difference on my appearance. 

    I like to lift whenever I enter /leave my room. I've been lifting more than I ever have as a result. 

    3. Play Ukulele

    I'm not great, but I really enjoy it. I've noticed progress, hopefully it won't take much longer until I'm a professional 😎. 

    I like to write short, daft songs. If insperation hits, maybe I'll write a new one today. 

    Ginger The Cat (Original Song) -

    4. Coffee

    I always have a cup of coffee in the morning. I don't know if it even helps at this point, but I enjoy it so I guess that's reason enough. 

    I take it black, coffee, hot water simple. 

    5. Work on a project

    Lately the project has been me. I want to become an even better version of myself. That's why I'm working out. Reading up about relationships, expectations and now luck. I'm looking into how to get the best carrier. I don't quite get the same satisfaction working on myself than I did writing or animating, maybe I should do a little of both for best results. 

    6. Cold Shower

    I like to turn the tap to as cold as possible after my normal shower and man it out. I like to see it as proving to myself that I'm confident every day. I'm sure there's other health benefits, but being more confident is enough for me. 

    7. Write a list

    I like writing earlier, if I leave it I always feel that it needs done, until I do it. Not always easy, but I always feel better afterwards. 

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