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Morning Routines

I'm making a video in which I challenge myself to do a ridiculous amount of stuff in the morning, inspired by what I shall call "morning routine porn."

Partly I'm making fun of the idea that there's a magic morning routine that will change your life, partly I think it's legitimately helpful to bust your cycle and get out of your comfort zone. I'm certain I won't be able to maintain this, but it could be fun.

And I welcome any other suggestions. The more ridiculous the better.


    1. Get up before the sun

    I've tried getting up early before, and I loved it. Couldn't keep up with it, though.

    2. Think about death

    Came across this idea from this Buddist Monk.

    3. Meditation

    I have experience with meditation.

    4. Make Bed

    I won't actually be able to do this because my wife will still be asleep.

    5. Bullet Proof Coffee/Water with lemon/Tea/Smoothie (drank "mindfully")

    Who knows, maybe ALL of them at once?

    6. Protein Forward Breakfast (eaten "mindfully")

    I already eat eggs and black beans pretty much every day, inspired by Tim Ferris.

    7. Run 5 miles/Work Out

    While listening to an inspiring audiobook.

    8. Cold Shower

    I already did a video in which I did this for 30 days, to... interesting results.

    9. Affirmations in the mirror

    I did a video on this, too.

    10. Journal

    I did several videos on this.

    11. Read

    Surprise, I did a video about reading more books, too!

    12. Family time

    I assume my wife and kid will be up at this point.

    13. Set daily goals

    Basically, just write down what I have to do that day.

    14. Eat the frog

    AKA, first get the thing done that I least want to do.

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