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Movies I'd love to introduce you to

Some of my favourite movies that I hope you'll love as much as I do. 

Movies I'd love to introduce you to

    1. Jo Jo Rabbit

    I saw the trailer and instantly knew I would love it. I had the highest expectations and it managed to overcome all of them. If you haven't already get it watched

    2. Battle Royale

    A bunch of high school kids stuck on an island, forced to kill each other in order to survive. Great movie. If you don't mind subtitles it's a must watch.

    3. God Bless America

    One guy has enough of the world, but instead of ending his own life, he ends the lives of those he feels are making America worse. Dark comedy. I really enjoyed watching it.

    4. Slumdog Millionaire

    As far as romance movies go this may be the best. A bum goes on who want to be a millionaire in the hopes of connecting with his childhood crush again. It's great. Learn to love subtitles and watch you'll be forever grateful that you did.

    5. 20th Century Boys

    I fell in love with the manga. One of the greatest stories ever told. The films are a great adeptation. My summery wouldn't do it justice so please just check it out.

    6. Weekend at bernies

    A great feel good comedy. Two guys play pupet master with their dead bosses body. It's not an epic story like 20th century boys or a great love tale like Slumdog Millionaire, but it's hilarious. Highly recommended. 

    7. Fighting with my family

    I'm not a wrestling fan and that's basically what this movie is all about. Judging by that I should have been so bored that I stopped watching early on, yet I didn't, I was hooked, I loved this. Its a story of achieving your dreams. Growing into the best version of yourself it's insuperable. If you need inspiration to do the impossible, watch this. 

    8. Fillmage

    The story of my favourite punk band, the Descendents. I watched this before I saw them in China and it made the whole experience 100 X better. If you're not a fan it might not be as enjoyable, but I recommend listening to some songs and if you enjoy them check out the documentary. 

    9. Falling down

    It's grand theft auto in film. You see a guy slowly crack and become insane. The madness slowly gets crazier, but never once do you pause and think 'this is too far.'.other movies do crazy and that takes you out of the experience, this does crazy and draws you in. Genuis. 

    10. Yesterday

    What if everyone else forgot about the beatles? One guy becomes as famous as Ed Sheeran by performing beatles songs, that only he remembers. Great concept. 

    11. The falt in our stars

    12. Spiderman


    13. Spiderman 2


    14. Logan

    A superhero film, made as a western. We need a new lens in which to watch superhero films all too similar nowadays. 

    15. The Trueman show

    What if your life was a TV show? . Everyone you knew was a paid actor? Nothings real. 

    16. Superbad

    The perfect high school film. 

    17. Bill and Ted's excellent adventure

    A movie that helped guide my life 'be exelent to each other and party on dudes' 

    18. Your name

    My favourite anime film. Beautiful romance tied in with body swapping (and more. Spoilers). 

    19. The lion King

    One of my favourite Disney films. Its perfect. 

    20. Dumbo

    Not as well made as the lion King, but there's something about it that hits harder. Dumbo never speaks. He loses his mum and he goes through all his hell as a baby. It's inspirational as well as sad. 

    21. Back to the future

    Classics. They're perfect. The third film hits differently, but given a chance it does hold up with the rest. 

    22. Dirty work

    Gotta love Norm MacDonald. 

    23. Tropic Thunder

    They looked at the list of things not to joke about and joked about them. Gotta love it just for the balls it took to make it. 

    24. Weird science

    25. Flight of the navigator

    26. The new guy

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