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My 9 Credit Cards From Worst To Best

Worked on building up CC points for travel.

I always pay off my credit cards at the end of the month.

    1. Discover it

    Have had this one for a long time. Keep it open just to keep the line of credit still active. You do get cash back with this card.

    2. American Express Blue Card

    Again keep this one open for the line of credit. It is my oldest card.

    3. Apple Card

    Only use this to buy Apple products and get the financing. This is the only card I keep a balance on because it is free to finance.

    4. Wells Fargo Visa Cash Back

    1.5% cash back. Not bad.

    5. Delta Skymiles

    Got the bonus never really use this card, but you do get good airlines miles. Will close when it is time to expire.

    6. United Explorer MileagePlus

    Again, bonus and airline miles.

    7. Chase Marriott Bonvoy.

    Great bonus. Build Marriott points and part of the Chase rewards network.

    8. Chase Sapphire Preferred

    Chase points are better than others.

    9. American Airlines Aadvantage

    Access to the Admirals club and build point status with the airline. Worth it.

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