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My Developing Affinity for South Korea

As someone who grew up liking Ninjas, Samurai in popular culture, practicing Karate, Judo and Jiu-Jitsu, and admiring a more technology-savvy and technology-embracing culture, Japan has been the Asian country I admire most, but lately, I wonder if Korea isn't really my actual favourite...

    1. Samsung

    My favourite cell phone manufacturer, they also make our big screen TV. Their refrigerators leave something to be desired though.

    2. Kia/Hyundai

    I currently drive a Kia Sportage which I'm quite happy with, and the car I had before it was a very similar Hyundai Tucson.

    3. Sun Hang Do

    This is the martial art I currently practice in tandem with my son. It was developed in Canada and doesn't seem to see much use outside BC, but it looks most like Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido which are Korean Martial Arts and it could be considered to be descended from those.

    4. Korean BBQ

    I haven't had a lot of this in my life, but I do like culinary experiences where you get to participate in the food preparation yourself, even in a restaurant.

    5. Korean Fried Chicken

    I've only encountered this in BC, but their fried chicken with extra flavours is very delicious.

    6. My 1st Girlfriend

    Was of Korean extraction. That was a long time ago, of course.

    7. K-Pop

    I know nothing about this musical genre, and I'm not sure I will be able to see the appeal, but millions of people can't all be wrong, right? There are probably some good acts I would appreciate.

    8. Korean Cinema

    After seeing Old Boy and Snowpiercer, I pretty much boycott Korean films. The premises were fantastic, as was the execution, but they left me feeling bleak and having no faith in humanity, so I'm not sure I could take Parasite. Still, respect where it is due.

    9. LG

    I've had some LG appliances, they were OK. Our other TV is an LG.

    10. Keeping North Korea In Check

    Thanks for your service, South Korea!

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