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My Favourite Android Apps

I bought myself a Google Pixel today.

So to celebrate here's a run down of my favourite apps.

My Favourite Android Apps

    1. NotePd

    An app I use daily. Both for reading and writing.

    2. The ones we all use

    Facebook, instagram, snapchat, messenger, gmail, YouTube, WhatsApp, tictok, twitter.

    I thought id group these all together. You're reading this to find new apps, so now that we've covered the ones we all use here's what you're really here for.

    3. Wechat

    The Chinese all in one app. I use this to keep in contact with friends. If you live in China its a must have, hard to get by without it.

    4. Castbox

    My current podcast app. I'll admit that it could be better, but I've not found any. What podcast app would you recommend?

    5. Keep

    My favourite notes app. I'm always adding new notes to it.

    6. Amazon Shoppers Pannel

    I get gift vouchers for taking photos of my recites. Super simple to use. Free money.

    7. Amazon

    I do most of my online shopping on Amazon. It's always useful to search for deals elsewhere when buying expensive items, but for cheeper items, amazons the best.

    8. Canva

    Free graphics design app. Really easy to use and produces great designs.

    9. Swissborg

    My current crypto app. Is there a better crypto app?

    10. IMDB

    I really should walk through a DVD store and app ever film I've watched. I often forget what ones I've seen. I love looking back on shows and films I loved, or saving a to watch list for when im looking for something new.

    11. GuitarTuna

    It helps me tune my use. I play a lot so it's a commonly used app.

    12. Help

    What are your must have apps?

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