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My favourite books in 2002

I wrote this list on my blog back in 2002. Compare it to my current favourite books list:

    1. Surely you're joking, Mr Feynman ... Richard Feynman

    I watched a documentary about Richard Feynman when I was around 19/20. I was blown away and have been a huge fan ever since. His philosophy of life was compelling. I've read many of his books, especially the 'Surely you're joking" genre.

    2. Don't tell Alfred ... Nancy Mitford

    This is my favourite of Nancy Mitford's books but I've read and re-read them all. The closes I came to Nancy was meeting her sister, Deborah, then Duchess of Devonshire, at Hay Book Festival. I told her I loved Nancy's books and she said "we miss her".

    3. Greenmantle ... John Buchan

    This ties in with my TE Lawrence fascination. This might be my Desert Island book as I can read and re-read it.

    4. The Man ... Raymond Briggs

    A little man with a big attitude.

    5. Notes from a small island ... Bill Bryson

    This was a classic book at the time and I enjoyed seeing the UK through someone else's eyes.

    6. South ... Ernest Shackleton

    Always on the list. Shackleton is another hero of mine.

    7. Living Dangerously ... Katie Fforde

    A bit like a modern day P&P, this was a favourite book for a long time. I'm not big on fiction these days but Living Dangerously was a good read.

    8. Sherlock Holmes ... Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

    Another classic, read and re-read, and now listened to on Audible.

    9. Naughty Bunny ... Richard Scarry

    This is a children's book and possibly the oldest book I own. I still flick through it every now and again and find the illustrations just joyous.

    10. Pride and Prejudice ... Jane Austen

    I loathed and detested this book at school. I didn't get past the first chapter. I studied English at 'A' Level several years later and read Persuasion. This led me back to P&P, and all the Austen books.

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