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Matt Ventre


My Health and Wellness System

Once you get the habits that work for you going, this is as easy as can be.

My Health and Wellness System

    1. Yearly Auto-Scheduled Well Visits With General Practice Physician

    2. Annual Bloodwork

    Usually it's a lipid panel (HDL, LDL, triglycerides) and fasted glucose. This year I'm pushing for Lp(a), Apo(B), and some male aging bio markers. If she doesn't agree, I'll do a private lab test on my own to fill in the blanks.

    3. 3x Resistance Training / Week

    Big 3: squat, bench, deadlift. I've been working in variations to keep it interesting and also lowering totals to be safer. Run through a 4 week phase adaptation program and then a deload/interception week (strength/CNS, hypertrophy, endurance). 

    4. 3x Cardio / Week

    2x zone 2 with a Wahoo heart rate monitor; 1x zone 5 VO2 max intervals. Sometimes I use a Peleton, sometimes I use a ruck sack. Depends on how I'm feeling or how burned out my legs are. Really want to get a rowing machine this fall.

    5. Try for >8500 steps a day on average

    Some days it's 15K others it's 4K but roughly 8500 is where I want to average out.

    6. Consume 1.8g protein per KG body weight

    Which is hard to do. But I have this great low carb whey protein powder to supplement and I've been doing more lean protein meals in the slow cooker that keep me going for a week at a time.

    7. 75oz water a day

    Two full bottles of my main water vessel and I'm good to go. I usually have a lot more than this.

    8. Morning and Nighttime Mindfulness

    Prayer, meditation, whatever you like to call it. I have a couple passages in some books saved and I either recite or read thoze

    9. Affirmations

    Not all my daily affirmations are health related, but at least one of them always is.

    10. Sleep 7-8 hours a night

    The difference is unreal. Once you get on a regular healthy sleep schedule your life will transform.

    11. Minimal booze

    I drink so rarely now. I will enjoy when celebrating with family or friends or the occasional recreational golf outing. But mostly I'm dry as a bone at home. Great NA options out there now when the craving hits.

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