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My List to Read When I Don't Feel Like Working Out

My List to Read When I Don't Feel Like Working Out

    1. You will definitely feel better after the workout is done

    Healthy endorphins...ahhhhh...

    2. You have to do something to make (or see) a difference in your health

    This is a non-negotiable to maintaining health.

    3. The nutrients from you food will make a bigger difference to your overall health

    Eating healthy food will help with your process of building a better body. Don't waste those nutrients on a sedentary lifestyle.

    4. Your appetite will be less

    This is how working out affects me. Your experience may vary.

    5. You will eat with less guilt

    This is a weird/unhealthy construct that my brain has developed over the years, but on days I work out, I just feel better about eating.

    6. You are taking a step closer to your goal weight

    You want to be a certain weight, or at least not gain more as you age, right?

    7. You are helping yourself maintain muscle through middle-age

    Muscle loss is a real thing. The only thing you can really do to help slow that process is to work out regularly with weights.

    8. You are helping to maintain/generate testosterone

    This is a "feel good" hormone that declines with age. Weight lifting, pushups, strength training will give you a boost.

    9. You will focus better on work tasks

    This probably has to do with the feel-good hormones, or maybe just the sense of accomplishing something physical carries into the mental tasks you need to do for the day.

    10. Your future self will thank you for it

    You don't want to look back on your life and see yourself on the computer, on your phone, on social media, and think, "why wasn't I at least trying to maintain muscle back then? I'm old, hunched, and in pain. Why didn't I just do a little maintenance to avoid this fate?"

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