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Collin Harness


My Long Term Goals

    1. Remodel a house

    I love idea of designing my own house. My own HGTV.

    2. Go all electric - roof solar panels, Tesla maybe even incorporate wind turbines

    No electric bill and off the grid.

    3. Open a physical business

    Restaurant, Convient store, Grocery Store, Clothing etc.

    Would love take an online business offline with a physcial location.

    4. Travel to all the countries in the world

    194. Give or take.

    5. Travel to all the US National parks

    Currently 63. Does not include state parks.

    6. Earn $1million in one year

    Moonshot. No where close to this number, but maybe one day.

    7. Have multiple streams of income

    Currently have 3. Working on growing those and starting new ones.

    8. Start a charity or a charitable foundation

    - WorldVision

    - Kiva

    - The Nature Conservancy

    - WoundedWarriors


    9. Run a marathon

    I think the farthest that I have gone before is 10 miles.

    10. Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef

    Never been diving before.

    11. Go on an international family trip

    Maybe Europe or China. Before everyone gets too old.

    12. Own a farm

    Make one of my Dad's properties a farm of some kind.

    - Winery

    - Airbnb

    - Crops

    - Animals


    13. Build an audience

    Have a platform where people consistently follow me.

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