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My Top 10 Skills

Thinking of my interests and skills and how I can possibly use these lists to guide me to starting a business in the future. Not just professional themed skills but also personal ones.

    1. Teaching

    I've always been pretty good at explaining things and have a lot of patience for that.

    2. Listening

    I'm a good listener, try to identify key words, and ask follow up questions

    3. Finding Consensus

    I'm usually the one trying to find consensus in group meetings, if we all agree on a path forward, etc.

    4. Developing Processes and Workflows

    I'm able to think very process oriented and make sense of complex processes quickly.

    5. Recognizing Patterns

    I can typically identify patterns pretty quickly. Whether in data, or human behavior I can identify patterns.

    6. Can "Translate" ideas

    I'm almost always the one translating what people in Engineering are trying to say to people in HR, and vice versa.

    7. Research, find verifiable information

    I can get lost in research for hours if the topic interests me enough. The downside is sometimes I spend so much time doing this I'm too tired to take action after!

    8. Organize

    I can organize whether it's in the house, or tons of digital files that need to be organized.

    9. Work "backwards"

    I can work from the end first and go back and find broken links or problems in processes.

    10. Analyze and process information

    I can analyze data and process what I think the information means while also accounting for outliers and "noise"

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