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My top core values

Today, I wanted to figure out what my top values are. I think it's good to know where I'm starting at so I can know where I want to end up at.

    1. Hard-work

    I've experienced being a bum (not a literal bum, not homeless, guess I'm lucky in that regard) but a bum, like laying in my bed, letting the whole day go by as I play video games, watch youtube videos and masturbate (Sorry, I know that's revealing a lot, but it is what it is)

    So, I've been that and I've experience hard work, carpentry work, cutting woods, having cuts and scars all up and down my arms, getting hit in the chest with nails, dropping heavy wood on my feet and between those two lives, I will always forever pick hard work. Like, yeah, it's nice laying in bed... for a minute then the self-loathing creeps in. A few cuts and bruises are nothing compared to that shit voice in my head.

    2. Honesty

    So, my top idol or role model is Tucker Max. And yeah, at the base level, the reason I was into him was because he partied and got drunk and banged a lot of women, cool, cool, yeah.

    But apart from that, what I really liked about him under all that shit was his honesty. His ability to be brutally honest with other people and himself... to be himself, that's what I loved and wanted for myself.

    It's also why I respect James Altucher and let's face it, James isn't as cool as Tucker (Sorry, James, should of partied harder, man) but James is so completely able to be honest about his life, show you all the low moments... it takes balls and that's what I want for my own life

    3. Responsible Happiness

    I wanted to put just happiness but then I thought about it, I think this is a better value.

    When I use to think about happiness, I think I was thinking about... a base-level happiness. I wasn't thinking about true happiness.

    Like, basic happiness is eating pizza, getting drunk, fucking 20 different girls you don't really know on a deep level. Of course that shit is nice, but it fades. It's a band-aid on a gash that needs surgery.

    And true happiness is eating steak, maybe drinking every once and awhile with your family and finding a badass woman you can connect with and make sweet love with

    4. Being a man

    All the things that describe real masculinity (Being strong, dependable, a fighter) all that is important to me.

    And I think you can be masculine and still cry. I think some people think masculine and think that means not showing emotion, but to me that's bullshit and not in my definition of masculinity. Being able to cry (I mean, don't be a crybaby and whine all day and night), to do that and express your emotions takes strength, which is a core part of being a man. And a woman, I don't think these values are exclusive to men, but... whatever, I'm not gonna get too deep into it, I still have 6 ideas to go.

    5. A strong woman partner

    I may as well get into what I want in someone I intend to be with
    - Strength (physically and emotionally) being able to kick someone's ass is incredibly attractive to me
    - Intelligent - can't just be hot and dumb, sorry LA ladies (I'm joking. Mostly)
    - Hot - It feels a little shallow to me, but it is what it is. But you don't need fake tits, that would just be a bonus if you did have them
    - Kind - Jesus, I can't believe I almost forgot this... but, yeah, be kind like Jesus and not like some woke asshole
    - Don't be woke - Don't have pronouns in your bio, it's dumb.

    And then the rest are bonuses, I don't think I need them, but they would be nice:
    - Creative, an artist - Non-religious, although if you believe in God, I think I'd be ok with that

    6. Being Creative

    I love art, always will and it helps me express myself, if I'm unable to be weird when I'm trying to figure something out or express something, well, fuck that shit

    7. Experiencing all I can out of life

    So, like traveling and experience true enlightenment and all that jazz

    8. Being kind

    I never want to tear someone down, I never want to wish someone to hell, I want to understand all and I want to help as much as possible. Right now I'm stuck helping myself, I believe to help others, you first have to help yourself... but I want to do what I can to lend a helping hand when I can, for the rest of my life

    9. Intelligence

    I like consuming as much knowledge as I can so I'm not an idiot. Although, the tragedy is as much as I read, I still remain a juvenile child who thinks farts are funny. Sorry

    10. Independence or sovereignty

    sovereignty - Freedom with responsibilities.

    Kinda been thinking lately, no one is ever really free. Freedom doesn't exist, the only freedom we really get is to choose the chains we will put around our necks.

    (Damn, I'm so deep, I'm gonna get into poetry.)

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