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name for a SteamHead coin

My friends have a makerspace called in Shenzhen called SteamHead and they asked me to come up with names for their coin. They told me that all they and their friends could could come up with so far is Steam Coin.

* All of the Chinese derived names would have to be workshopped with Chinese natives to ensure there is no unintended meanings

    1. build coin

    2. oil drop/coin 油币 or 加油币

    There is a saying in Chinese "Add Oil" [加油] which means something like "good job, chin up and keep going." 币 means coin (加密 货币 means crypto currency) 加油币 sounds like ji-yo-bee which is a pleasant sound.

    3. knowledge coin


    4. learn token/coin


    5. Yoda 油达

    Yoda is 尤达 in chinese, but it could be 油达 as a pun on Yoda as a teacher and the saying 加油

    6. Fu coin 傅币

    傅 (fu) is a word for teacher

    7. 师币 Teacher coin

    师 is a more traditional word for teacher

    8. Gong coin (effort / skillcoin) 功币

    功夫 is Gong Fu meaning effort, skill, art, or the martial art we know as Kung Fu. The 功 part means "meritorious deed or service / achievement / result / service / accomplishment / work (physics)" which is a combination of the character work [工] + power [力]. Could be simplified to 工 or 工币 to create the symbol.

    9. Whuffie

    Cory Doctoro posits this currency in his sci-fi novel as a reputation based currency in a post-scarcity economy. Maybe a little too trite

    10. Be Awesome Bucks

    The Maker motto is "Be awesome to each other"

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