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James Altucher


New AI Tools

Source: ben's bites newsletter

    1. Some new Ai tools

    • Tripnotes - A travel AI with taste. Ask it for recommendations, itineraries, and more. (link)
    • Bob from Magrathea AI - An advanced assistant that delivers personalised insights 24/7 in a judgement-free space. (link)
    • API for uptime status of Open AI’s text and chat models. (link)
    • Luma AR - Reshoot with NeRFs deployed as AR from your iPhone. (link)
    • Chatblade - An one in all CLI swiss army knife for ChatGPT. (link)
    • Vowel - The AI meeting tool adds a feature to generate action items for different members. (link)
    • Chatshape - Build AI chatbots from your content, remarkably fast. (link)
    • You-tldr - Get the TLDR of any YouTube video in seconds. (link)
    • Magicflow - No-code drag-and-drop tool to build AI workflows that easily integrate into your app. (link)
    • Pair - Open tool for coding with GPTs, built by coding with GPTs. (link)
    • From low-def 3D ultrasounds to high-resolution images. (link)
    • OpenTheo - Transcribed and searchable Bible teaching with Whisper cpp. (link)
    • GPT4-powered Slack bot that can scrape URL contents. (link)
    • Aoi - Auto-load database schema to ChatGPT and execute SQL. (link)
    • Watermelon - GPT-powered code contextualizer. (link)
    • Zing - Bing AI clone featuring functional GPT-4 and Bing API search integration. (link)
    • Sustainability goals AI - Generate sustainability goals for your company with ChatGPT. (link)
    • Lex now has a feature to get writing feedback from a smart AI editor, check out the demo here. (link)
    • Halfway words - Find words halfway between two others. (link)

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