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New videos

What could I make videos on?

New videos

    1. Advice

    I enjoy my advice video's and since I try to limit them to a minute I could make ton's all around a similar topic (each list will allow me to make 10 videos.)

    2. Lo-fi music

    They're not the best, but I could learn and improve them.  There's something I like in them, lot's of potential.

    3. TV series

    I could write a short story and have friends act.  If they're acting they'll be more likely to share and promote the series.

    4. Podcast

    I could make the advice video's into a podcast. 

    I could also work on my interview skills and ask people that interest me for interviews.

    5. Comedy

    I could redo my old jokes as well as new ones.  I Also want to buy a small speaker/mic and walk about Glasgow saying jokes.  That could make an interesting series of videos.

    * I could also walk about and offer advice and turn them into videos.  I could talk to random people and ask them questions from my book.


    6. 1 minute review's

    I suck at reviewing, but this gimic will make me look better than I am.  Anyone can do a 1 minute review.  This happens, my thoughts, then this happened, more Thoughts, finally, this happened, overall thoughts, star rating, watch it!/avoid it.

    I think this could work well.  I'll give it a go after I watch the new Spider-Man 😎

    7. Story time with Rocco

    I open kid's book's and make up my own stories based on the pictures.  My character could be a dislexic dad.

    8. Eritrea

    My dad's country.  He's very against it.  A series of videos on his thoughts as well as the history of the country could make an amazing series.  The North Korea of Africa.

    I'd like to learn more myself.

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