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Next project

What do I want to start once I've finished my Insta project?

    1. New comics

    It's been a long time since I've uploaded a comic. I think my fans deserve a few new ones.

    2. Books

    In the process of making my Instagram project I have written enough to make a few new books.

    The Rocco Effect - Set 2,3,4 & 5 (maybe even a combined bigger book)

    3. App

    I thought of a very simple yet useful app. The app shows text. You can tap to refresh and that's it.

    The text would be questions or prompts depending on the app.

    Journal questions /prompts - I've already written a lot of these questions. You open app get a random one, if you don't like you can click and get something new. Helping you think better and makes Journaling a little easier.

    Fun - stupid questions and prompts not quite truth or dare, but along those lines. Maybe one for sober and one for drinking.

    Conversation - sometimes it's hard knowing what to talk about. Open up, click and easily find a new topic to talk about.

    4. Story books

    I've always stuck to facts. Maybe I could teach lessons through a story. This might make helping children easier.

    5. Film script

    I miss making films. A short script would be the first step in a new film.

    6. Stand up

    I've put off performing for too long. Time to get on stage and make people laugh.

    7. Pins

    Even if I fail I end up with a customised pin. It would definitely be a talking point and hopefully that will lead to more people reading my comics /following my page.

    8. Japan

    I'm thinking of moving and teaching in Japan. I've already got 4 years experience. Life back home just isn't the same, the expat life is more fun and more meaningful to me.

    I'm not sure what part of Japan is like to live. Tokyo is amazing, but it may be too busy for me.

    Find the location. Apply for jobs.

    9. Posters

    I want to make poster based on notes I've took from books. Even if it's just for myself I love this concept.

    10. Notes

    I've left lots of notes in books. I should write them down, edit and share what I learnt.

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