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Bill Bergeman


NotePD Challenge

My time has been slim lately, and in turn, I've invested less time on NotePD. Let's see if I can challenge myself to be more engaged even when pinched for time.

I don't have a specific timeline for doing all these things, but I'd like to give them a try when I can.

Anyone want to join me?

    1. Comment on at least 10 lists every day.

    I'm going to start this one today.

    2. Find someone posting about a problem and write a list of 10 ideas to solve it.

    I love this idea but I'll have to take some time to find a juicy problem to help solve (assuming I can).

    3. Find 10 new NotePDers creating great lists and follow them.

    Is 'NotePDers' a word? Coining it!

    4. Reply to all comments every day.

    I'm already pretty good about this.

    5. Once a week create a list of 10 ideas to improve NotePD.

    I did one of these recently and was stretched to come up with five, so this could be a real challenge.

    6. Create at least one quality challenge every week.

    This should be do-able.

    7. Create my first premium list.

    To be frank, this isn't really in my wheelhouse. I'm not on NotePD to make money. I don't begrudge anyone else who has done it or wants to do it - I'm speaking only of myself. That said, this is a challenge, and the purpose of a challenge is to stretch one's self.

    8. Purchase my first premium post.

    I haven't purchased any yet, and I think that would be a good way to support someone's work.

    9. Invite 10 NotePDers to collaborate on a list.

    @lovingkindnesscomedy did this once and I thought it was terrific.

    10. Do a NotePD AMA.

    Not that anyone cares that much about my opinions, but why not give it a shot anyhow?

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