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NotePD Highlights for July 17th

A round up of interesting things I read on NotePD

    1. Why time isn't a constant at high speeds

    That was from a list by @sqadir. I don't precisely understand the context but I've long believed time accelerates as we get older. When you're 10 years old and it's July, Christmas is six months away and that is 5% of your life so it seems like a long time. At 50, that same six months is 1% of your life, it goes by much faster.


    2. wondering about what to do

    That's part of a list by @Monk. How do you start your day? Can how you start your day determine how you're whole day goes? I'm not sure but I wouldn't dismiss the idea out of hand. Within 15 minutes of getting up, I usually take a picture of the sunrise and greet our dogs, we have 5 of them. Nothing negative about that.



    3. 11 Ways to Promote Notepd.com

    A list by @Skwiglez. Like her, I am also having a lot of fun with NotePD, I think of it as personal development and critical thinking social media. I try to do some of the things she suggests. This list you are reading falls in line with her idea.


    4. Life is just better

    @BillBergeman wrote about his week in Flagstaff and the benefits of getting away to the woods. He's preaching to the choir with me. I live in the woods, in the mountains in between Phoenix and Flagstaff. The pictures he posted look just like where I live. We get to live here, thanks to the internet. I've been able to work from home, for myself for almost 20 years.

    Sidebar, a fire department colleague left today with his family for a great job with the State of Oregon. It's absolutely the right decision for him. I will miss him and his family a lot but I had a weird reaction. I somehow projected the idea of moving away from here onto my wife and me and just the thought of it bums me out. That might not make sense but the sensation ups my appreciation for being able to live here.


    5. How not to care what people think?

    @stevewinroad as usual, delivered the goods. Candidly, I didn't understand all of what he was saying but the ability to sort this out, determine whose opinion actually matters (hint: it's very few people) and whose doesn't and then being able to dismiss those superfluous opinions will make life so much better. I would wish everyone to figure this out.


    6. Why job searching is BS

    From @sheeraz, I'm in the quit your job camp. That doesn't mean do so without preparation but figure out a plan, save some money up and get on a path to do it. Owning your time is freedom. Time is more important than money. If that resonates, then go for it, your life will improve dramatically.


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