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Notes from The Ultimate Secret To Getting Absolutely Everything You Want - Mike Hernacki

To get what I want, I don't have to do anything. Simply knowing the "secret" is enough.


    1. I must be willing to give up something in order to get something.

    I have to be willing to sacrifice the wood in order to get someĀ fire.

    2. In order to accomplish something, I must be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish it.

    If I'm not WILLING to do whatever it takes to accomplish something I should find something else to do because I will fail.

    3. The PRINCIPLE SAYS I must be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish something.

    It stops there.

    It demands nothing of me.

    The only thing that is required is a little bit of willingness.

    Willingness is a being state of mind, not a doing state of mind.

    4. The principle does not say that I must actually do whatever it takes.

    The principle demands no action from me.

    Physical doing is never the key component.

    It's doubtful that I'll ever do what I'm unwilling to do.

    5. "..we find it hard to imagine a situation where action cannot accomplish the desired result"

    My non-action is just as capable of producing real results as my taking action would have been in a lot of cases.

    What I make up my mind to do is actually more important than what I actually do.

    My results always arise from what I wanted an experience to be (from the deepest parts of myself) not out of what I actually did.

    6. Love comes from my intention to love, my willingness to love, not out of being popular, driving fast cars, and making lots of money.

    7. "...willingness is a frame of mind that is open to every possible demand, without judgment, reservation or refusal."

    Being kind and loving to others only requires a different frame of mind.

    I don't have to learn anything.

    I don't have to do anything.

    All that is required is that I am willing.

    Willingness requires that I be open to the unproven, untested, unknown, and untried for it to work.

    8. How to have miracles occur in my life.

    I must be willing to do whatever it takes.

    Willingness is the master key. If I possess it, I can accomplish anything. If I don't, I will fail.

    You can make a list but you don't need one.

    Key Point: If I make a list like the one listed below I must be willing to do everything that's on the list. For example, if I'm unwilling to seek feedback (item #10) I will fail. The thing I'm unwilling to do will be the first thing that comes up on the list.

    I must continue to pursue what I want, no matter what happens.

    Example: 10 Actions to Take to Achieve Any Goal

    1. Consider my overarching goals.
    2. Write it down on paper.
    3. Brainstorm
    4. Create an action plan.
    5. Make it measurable.
    6. Consider my talents.
    7. Delegate less important tasks.
    8. Create a winning mindset.
    9. Hold myself accountable.
    10. Seek feedback.

    9. The "How's" are the domain of the universe.

    The "how-to" always takes care of itself. The "how" is born out of my intention to see the task at hand completed.

    10. The Law of Accelerating Acceleration simply stated.

    The faster I move toward something, the faster it moves towards me.

    Not only are the things themselves moving faster, but their rate of movement is getting faster with each passing moment.

    11. The power of a fresh perspective.

    A fresh perspective creates the foundation for the phenomenon of accelerated acceleration to do its thing.

    Looking at a situation with new eyes is what makes everything else work.


    12. The Ultimate Secret to Getting Absolutely Everything You Want.

    • Know what you want and be willing to do whatever it takes to get it.
    • The accomplishment of the task is almost never as good as you imagined it would be. Even if it is good, holding on to it is always a momentary thing.
    • The joy of the journey is where all the nectar is

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