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Nothing but a bag of tricks..........

Your false self meets her false self and you make it "real" by swearing that her errors have a real effect on you.
How can what is not real have any effect on what is real?

    1. The imagined self must continue to change itself in order to match its current social environment.

    This going back and forth is exhausting but with decades of practice, one becomes quite adept at it.
    You're constantly changing your beliefs or behavior just to please others or to succeed in life.
    You're one person at home, you're another at work, yet another sitting in front of Elon, Warren, or Kanye.

    2. Just be yourself.

    Aren't you already who and what you are?
    Why does society have to remind you to relax and just be yourself?
    Why is your core identity wrapped up in an ego?
    Why do you favor one false sense of self over another?
    Why do you think and feel you must show up in a particular way so that you will be more attractive to others?
    Something's rotten in Denmark.

    3. Do you realize how much energy it takes to totally identify with a part of your mind that is not useful but pretends to be?

    Who are you performing for today? Spouse, employer, or children?
    Who are you seeking external validation from?
    Who or what do you feel beholden to?
    What will you pull out of your bag of tricks today in order to be liked by someone?
    Who are you trying to impress today with your tonality, speech, or what you're wearing?
    You do know the world always has the camera rolling.
    Once you're on the ego's merry-go-round it's difficult to jump off.
    But you didn't hear it from me. I just wake up daily and talk to myself.
    Who you are doesn't need a bag of any sort  - and tricks are for kids you silly rabbit.
    ..But I'm so close to my ego (back to square one)
    Final thought - Can you improve or destory what God has created?

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