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Hmm, what won't be around anymore in 15 years...

    1. External sim cards for phones

    This is on my mind because I've been traveling abroad, in a country where my phone plan doesn't work. E-Sims are so much better than physical hardware that you have to lug around and lose (not to mention that costs 5x as much).

    2. The preponderance of sugar in American processed foods

    Maybe this is wishful thinking. More and more, studies are demonstrating the dangers of sugar and the ill effects it has on our health. I hope this will cause the government to act to ban large amounts of sugar or public opinion to incentivize companies to use less of it.

    3. Radiologists

    Hear me out on this one. AI can analyze scans with better accuracy and fewer unintended, non-negligible consequences than even the best of radiologists. The doctors will surely still have a role in transmitting medical information (I bet very few people will want to receive their medical news from a cold, unfeeling computer) and solutioning illnesses, but this role will be different from the one they play today.

    4. Most guidebooks for travel

    Blogs, Word-of-mouth, and the crowdsourcing of information and opinions move so much faster than the publishing industry. By the time guidebooks are published, they're already out-of-date. I suspect they'll be even more obsolete in 15 years than they are now.

    That being said, I think there will still be a place for recommendations from prestigious organizations considered credible judges of quality, such as Michelin.

    5. Teflon pans

    More and more evidence is emerging that these are extremely toxic. I hope they fall out of use, and quickly, and that we discover an even better non-stick alternative. In the meantime, cast iron pans are a suitable substitute.

    6. Trucking (as we know it)

    With self-driving cars, I think the profession of trucking is bound to change. I suspect people will need to remain present in the trucks as a double layer of security, on top of self-driving AI, so the jobs won't go away. They'll change though.

    7. Mining

    See above. New technologies are making this dirty, dangerous job obsolete, and we're all better for it.

    8. 100% in-person work for jobs where physical presence isn't critical

    Like mine! Hopefully old-school managers will realize 100% presence isn't a necessity.

    9. Record labels

    TikTok can help people go viral just as much as traditional record labels can.

    10. Chocolate brown suits

    A girl can dream. This is probably more cyclical than obsolete, though.

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