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Odd Assortment of Thoughts & Questions

Digging through some notes I keep about things, mostly my son and a bit about societies, I found some thoughts to put out here.

Odd Assortment of Thoughts & Questions

    1. Kids & Eating

    It occurs to me that most kids have two stomachs... the small one for meals and nutritious food which always seems to be full.

    And the one for snacks, treats, and deserts which are never, never full.

    2. "Free Market Economy"

    Where are there 'systemic inequities' in the economy -not- traceable to some governmental law / rule?

    3. Children & Thirst

    They're never when at home when there's plenty to drink. And always thirsty when you're out and a drink means money out of your pocket.

    4. The Further Away Your Taxes Go...

    ... the less it benefits you. And the higher percent gets chewed up in the governmental machine. So, wouldn't keeping money closer to the people be more productive?

    5. Sunday Funday

    Sunday... the day of rest.

    Meaning, of course, you have to run around to do "the rest" of what you couldn't get done "the rest" of the weekend.

    6. Why Do Some People Insist on others living their lives like they do...

    ... but pitch a fit if the roles are reversed?

    7. What's Fair About That?

    A town ordinance says I can't shovel my snow in the road. So, why, oh why, can they plow my driveway in?

    8. Sports for Kids

    Bowling is ideal for young boys.

    Where else can they throw a big round rock at things, knock them down, and not get in trouble?

    9. Like The Dinosaurs

    When will we as a society admit the fax machine's time has passed?

    Just like the dictaphone.

    And the three martini lunch.

    Well, the last one might be nice to bring back...

    10. Tired of It

    I’ve come to the conclusion mall muzak drains the life force out of humans.

    How else can one explain the sheer exhaustion of shopping?

    11. Biology Question

    When my son was a kid, talking about how freshwater and saltwater fish are different.

    Told him freshwater fish can't live in salt water, and saltwater fish can't live in freshwater.

    His next question - "what about pepper water?"

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