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Odd (but reasonable) things to add to mac&cheese

Inspired by my son as he put Nashville Hot Sauce in his favorite dish.

    1. Bacon

    Bacon makes everything better.

    2. Peanut Butter

    Put in a spoonful of peanut butter and put it on top of the mac&cheese. The fat from the PB helps you absorb the nutrients from the mac&cheese.

    3. Kale or Spinach

    I know this is not odd but I am putting it here because my kids would never eat this if they knew I put spinach in their mac&cheese. But, as with all vegetables, they are full of nutrients and vitamins so you can't go wrong eating them.

    But if you put them in mac&cheese, nobody will ever know!

    4. Fried Egg

    Take an egg, scramble it, fry it in a little bit of butter until browned, drain off excess butter, then mix into your mac&cheese before baking. This is called "Poor Man's Cordon Bleu" (or "Poor Woman's" since I don't think Julia Child ever made this). It's also good to throw some bacon bits on top when you bake it (see above).

    5. Chili Sauce or Sriracha or Tabasco or Puttanesca sauce (see below)

    When I was growing up we always had tomato sauce with our pasta. So why not?

    Puttanesca sauce is a mixture of tomatoes, anchovies, capers, red pepper flakes and garlic. You can buy it pre-made but if you have these ingredients around just throw them together and pour over pasta.

    Sriracha has become more mainstream than Tabasco but both are spicy sauces that make everything taste good. They are made with different types of peppers so they have varying degrees of spiciness but they both add flavor along with heat to any dish you use them on. Even chocolate!

    But my favorite hot sauce is one I discovered while visiting Nashville for the first time about 25 years ago (I'm old). It's called "Louisiana Hot Sauce" and its ingredients are habanero peppers blended with Louisiana Crystal Hot Sauce which is basically pure vinegar (and nothing else) mixed with cayenne powder (also nothing else). It's very inexpensive at about $2 per bottle and goes well on anything from eggs to French fries to pizza to...mac&cheese!

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