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Odd things

Odd things that I've noticed.

Odd things

    1. The cleaner the city the less bins they have

    Tokyo is spotless and there's no bin's yet Glasgow has so many and it's a mess.

    2. Gloves to eat burgers

    I went to a burger restaurant and they gave me rubber gloves to eat it.  It stopped my hands'getting greesy, but hardly seems worth it.

    3. Trans

    If sex doesn't matter why is a change always made to look more like the other sex?

    4. Flat earth

    What benefits does anyone get by lying about it being round?  

    5. Talk about it

    People who talk about their problems spend year's crafting the perfect story instead of focusing on getting better.  Why?

    6. Retirement

    You work hard so you can have tons of money that you'll be too old/sick to enjoy.  Pointless.  How much do you really need at that stage?

    7. Celebrate diversity

    This is what's being pushed in school's now.  Pretty certain the reason I didn't get into university was because I called out this nonsense.

    Why would anyone study in order to get good grades and praise when they can get more praise for coming out as some minority?  It's obvious that this will lead to an increase in kid's identifying as LGBT+ and lower grades.  How could it possibly lead to anything else?

    And if you're limiting teachers to only those who praise this (they asked to explain the merits. Not positives and negatives.  When did schools start pushing what opinions to have?). Teachers that will push what to think, not how to think.

    This upsets me hopefully things change sooner rather than later.

    8. Barbie

    The promotion for the Barbie movie feels more like propaganda rather than an actual marketing campaign.  It's artificial praise before anyone's even watched it.  And I bet after watching it it'll be praised for 'the message ' rather than the story.  I don't trust it.

    9. Covid

    So many of that period made no sense.  It spread asymptomaticly.  The vax was said to reduce symptoms, but you also would become a non spreader.  Surely if people not showing symptoms could spread it those showing symptoms would also spread it.  Sounded nonsense to me, so I didn't trust the vax.  I could do a whole list of covid nonsense.

    10. Depression

    I was depressed a few days ago and now I'm feeling a lot happier.  Just being with family helped a lot. 

    Would spending a full week with others help others out there depression?  No time alone.  Always busy.

    Then again what happens when you return to normality?  It's a start.  Worth looking into.

    11. Jaywalking is better

    When you rely on lights you stop thinking.  Instead of looking for cars/people crossing you look at the light and let that do the thinking for you.

    When you jaywalk you check multiple times it's safe before you go.  And if you don't, who

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