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Collin Harness


Once Ukraine signs a peace treaty, things they should do to rebuild

Actions Ukraine should take to rebuild their country and economy

    1. Ask the western nations for money and building supplies

    Ask the free world to fund their physical infrastructure rebuild

    2. Invite all major multinational business to open up a base in Ukraine

    Apple, Google, McDonalds, Toyota, Tesla, Jp morgan etc.

    3. Give out free Ukraine citizenship for a period of time for anyone who wants come

    Free Ukraine passport

    4. Military agreements with individual countries

    US, UK, France, Japan, Poland, Germany

    5. Rebuilding the military and defenses along the border

    Think Iron Dome in Israel

    6. Rebuild a physical stock exchange

    7. Leagalize gaming like Nevada and invite casinos to build there

    8. Open up a United Nations branch - physical building there

    9. Build up an even greater internet network economy

    10. Build a new capital further west near Poland

    11. Expand the hospital network around the country

    12. Build more Universities/schools

    13. Create a Hollywood type city - invite the media to witness the rebuilding of the country

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