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One more thing

What could I do one more of that would allow me to be better.

    1. One more Notepd list

    Love Notepd.

    One more list would make me that much more creative and push me to think outside the box.

    Now that you can schedule lists I could write more list and schedule it be posted in the future.

    2. One more workout

    Who does not want to get in better shape?

    I bet I would look that much better if I did one weight lifting workout.

    I have thought about doing a spinning class. I should try it and see if I like. Never done Yoga before either. Could try that.

    3. One more YouTube Video

    Provide one more video of value to my audience.

    4. One more online course

    Already taking one online course through Coursera, I think I could add one more and it would not take up too much more time.

    Also, Coursera is already pretty affordable, but they also offer financial aid for anyone that wants to take a course. You just have to fill out the form.

    There you go, no excuse for not learning.

    5. One more client email

    Clients would love if I kept sending them emails. They could ask me one more questions and I could provide them with one more answer.

    6. Read one more page or chapter

    Fiction and non fiction.

    Listen to one more book or read one more chapter.

    7. Get one more hour of sleep

    Definitely need this. One more hour of sleep sounds wonderful. I would feel so better and ready to take on the world.

    8. Do one more thing for charity

    I should definitely find a local cause where I could donate one more hour of my time. I have never volunteered at an animal shelter it would be fun to help local dogs and cats.

    9. Reach out to one more friend

    Sometimes I am really introverted. The times when I had the most friends I was really proactive. I would plan house parties local diners. Dates to go to the gym or go out to happy hour. I can reach out to one more person this week and check in to see how they are doing.

    10. Write one more article

    I love writing. I am writing this list right now. And I have a good amount of knowledge that I could share.

    I can write one more blog article that hopefully provides value to another person.

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