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One year ago, I visited Kazakhstan

I got a photo reminder from my computer. I wasn't happy to see a picture of my ex, but I'm feeling grateful for the trip to Kazakhstan.

One year ago, I visited Kazakhstan

    1. It was just a way to see my girlfriend until she came to Europe

    She was in Russia, and at the time it seemed impossible or too complicated for me to visit Russia.

    2. I had a layover in Abu Dhabi

    I stayed for two nights and barely did anything because it was so terribly hot. Interesting experience nonetheless.

    3. Oh I also had a layover in Santorini before that

    Also didn't really get to enjoy it as I simply went to sleep and then got on the way to the airport the next day.

    4. We didn't do as much as hoped in Almaty because she was sick for a few days

    I would have loved to try the skating rink in the mountains. Next time!

    5. But we still explored the city and went to some cool restaurants

    6. We took cabs everywhere

    The average ride cost something like $2.

    By the way, do not smash the door when getting out of a car in Kazakhstan or Russia.

    7. Horse meat was OK

    8. I managed to exchange a few words in Russian with a taxi driver

    The one time I took a taxi by myself.

    9. We went to visit her aunt in the depressing city of Kostanay

    The 11th most populous city in the country.

    10. I took a small plane from Kostanay to Almaty and don't remember anything aobut the flight

    Somehow, I remember the airport but not the flight. Traveling by air by myself in Kazakhstan felt a bit intimidating, particularly because of the language barrier.

    11. I would happily visit the country again

    Especially Almaty.

    12. Astana (back then called Nur-Sultan) is the weirdest city I've ever visited

    I made a list about it last year.

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