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Osho Zen Tarot 2022-09-14

No list yesterday and I broke my streak. Went on a nice overnight trip with my wife and did not bring my cards or Brainsparker. So here we are.

Remember: Zen Tarot is at the moment, not prediction.

So I write this today after a nice short trip to feed my one remaining hobby, or "addiction" of buying used books and supporting used book stores. Of the cards I drew today, I have been working on slowing down, with some success, I might add. I think that slowing down helps one experience the world, and not interpret it and at the same time you can shed desire, turn inward. Yes, there is a singular message here that starts with slowing down.

    1. Experiencing

    But the tendency of the mind is to interpret. Before you see something, you have already interpreted it. Even before I have said anything, you are already thinking about it. That’s how listening becomes impossible.

    You will have to learn to listen

    2. Turning In

    Turning in is not a turning at all. Going in is not a going at all. Turning inward simply means that you have been running after this desire and that, and you have been running and running, and you have been coming again and again to frustration that each desire brings misery, that there is no fulfillment through desire … . That you never reach anywhere, that contentment is impossible. Seeing this truth, that running after desires takes you nowhere, you stop. Not that you make any effort to stop! If you make any effort to stop, it is again running, in a subtle way. You are still desiring—maybe now it is desirelessness that you desire.

    3. Slowing Down

    So try one thing—slow down. And just by slowing down ordinary processes, you will see how peaceful you can become. Eat slowly—take time! If you eat in twenty minutes, why not in forty? There is no hurry! Enjoy the food! Chew it more; it will be digested better. Your body will feel more at ease and at home. And of course when the body is at home, the mind too feels at home.

    Sometimes when you don’t have anything to do, just sit silently doing nothing. There is no need to read the newspaper or to watch the TV. Don’t be in such a mad rush to occupy yourself. That is a way to escape from oneself. So sometimes when you have nothing to do, feel happy that you have some time when you have nothing to do. Then just sit silently, look at the stars or at the trees, or just close your eyes and look inward.

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