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Outlandish inventions

Crazy thoughts, maybe someday

Outlandish inventions

    1. An exoskeleton that walks the dog for you

    Basically a lightweight body seal that inflates around the entire dog to protect it from harm while it automatically takes it out of your apartment and allows the dog to relieve itself. It will have robotic arms to open doors or push elevator buttons.

    2. Temperature sensing bedspread

    There are mattress coolers/heaters, but why no electronic quilts that sense your body temp and automatically heat or cool you for peak sleep conditions all night long? It could have the benefit of infrared light as well.

    3. Data mining website that profiles you to generate the perfect vacation

    Take a personality test, put in your personal info and link your social media profiles. Tell it how much time you have off, who you're going with, your max budget and it will optimize the best vacation experience for you.

    4. Local Green

    Big businesses have ESG ratings, but how about local community support ratings for the small business owner? How connected to the community is this particular small business? Do they donate to the local Boy Scout troop? Do they employ local people or outsource? Do they buy local ingredients? Help the community understand how much your local small business puts back into the community.

    5. Retro video game hall

    Create local legends at the video game complex. I envision the old arcade style games, wall to wall, with large viewing screens set up on the walls for tournament play. Instead of quarters, you subscribe or just pay a flat entry fee. Food and drinks served.

    6. Motorized suitcases that just follow you. In other words, a robot suitcase

    Why is this not a reality yet? It would free up your hands at the airport.

    7. APA: Ask the president anything

    A weekly Zoom meeting with 2 or 3 regular people (reasonable people) who get to put the president on the hot seat for 30 to 60 minutes. A reality check for those in power.

    8. Home-based garbage incinerator

    Not sure how to do this safely, but instead of a garbage can with garbage bag, you have a garbage can that compacts recyclable items to a tiny compact size or incinerates non-recyclable items to ash cubes.

    9. Shaving mask

    Custom formed mask that you apply to your face that automatically shaves you exactly how you want, safely.

    10. Tooth brushing mouth piece

    Put the custom-formed mouthpiece in and let it do the cleaning while you sit back and watch Netflix. Done in 2 minutes or less.

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