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Outline of a Movie/Show Idea

This is a very rough outline. Many details are vague or left out for the sake of brevity. And also due to a lack of personal creativity and writing skill. Maybe a show, book, or movie like this already exists and is written much more brilliantly than I could imagine, but as far as I know I haven't seen this concept done anywhere. Let me know if I'm wrong!

Outline of a Movie/Show Idea

    1. It Starts off as a Spy Thriller

    The movie starts out as tale of intrigue and espionage as a team of highly trained spies and diplomats who seek to thwart the plans of an underworld criminal empire or the intelligence agency of a rogue (and entirely fictional) country. The plans could involve the theft of priceless artifacts, sabotage of critical infrastructure, or illicit exchange of government secrets. This part is just setup, so the specific heist or plan of subterfuge doesn't really matter.

    2. The Heroes Succeed in Thwarting the Desires of the Malicious Entity

    The team of heroes are simply too suave, attractive, and intelligent. The evil entity's designs are foiled at every turn. While excited at first to be presented with a great challenge, the commander of the evil organization grows frustrated with the continual failures of his subordinates. The focus of the narrative shifts from the heroes to that of the criminal empire/rogue intelligence agency.

    3. Frustrations Brew

    The evil leader starts off with reassigning or firing incompetent agents. As performance grows worse due to a combination of the loss of experienced field agents and the disgraced agents selling out to rival organizations and governments, the leader comes to the conclusion that more drastic measures need to take place.

    4. "Unfortunate Accidents"

    The boss starts killing the agents in various ways. At first, the deaths of agents are posed as "accidents" due to sabotage from the protagonist group. Eventually, the smarter agents catch on and try to avoid the various traps (exploding briefcases, cut brakes on vehicles, poisoned food and liquor, etc.). Most fail to escape but a few manage to not only make it out alive, but figure out that the "accidents" were an inside job.

    5. Attempted Mutiny

    The agents who manage to escape their attempted assassinations react in different ways. The more astute ones escape the organization, change their identities, and go into hiding in hopes of starting their lives over. A few of the more compassionate agents try to inform their friends within the spy network in hopes of starting a mutiny to replace the leader with a less sadistic person.

    The boss however learns of the stirrings of rebellion through his more loyal agents who still believe in his leadership and sycophants hoping to climb through the ranks.

    6. The Mask Comes Off

    Out of a desire to quell the brewing mutiny and remain in control, the leader orders for all incompetent and traitorous agents to be captured and shipped off to an isolated island in the middle of the ocean. As it turns out, the criminal organization has underground ties to many sectors, including the entertainment industry. The boss decides if he's going to "let go" of failed and traitorous agents, he may as well try to make a profit.

    7. The Game Show of a Lifetime

    As the captured agents are released onto the island, they witness a landscape of traps, obstacles, and various buildings. The agents are informed, that they are to compete in various life threatening challenges to test their abilities as spies. "Eliminating" the competition during or between challenges through any possible means is not only allowed, but encouraged.

    The "winners" would be either be allowed a 2nd chance to prove themselves to the organization, or be given a chance to peacefully leave the organization and go back to normal life. The caveat is that they never speak of the organization to anyone in the outside world.

    While the games take, hidden cameras, drones, and even film crew record the action from every possible location on the island. The footage is edited and packaged into the hottest new reality game show which is either broadcast on television or uploaded to (an entirely fictional) streaming platform. The footage is edited and presented in such a way that the audience at home is led to believe that all the contestants are volunteers and any deaths are explained away as challengers being "voted off the island."

    The show is a smash hit, and the evil organization starts turning in a massive profit. The show is so profitable, the boss starts abandoning missions of espionage and start sending agents to the island indiscriminately.

    8. Evil Causes Its Own Downfall

    The final arc of the movie would have a top agent of the boss being thrown to the island due to questioning the motives of the boss suspending all missions in favor of throwing meat to the beast of entertainment. After surviving several rounds of the show, the agent manages to hijack a boat belonging to the film crew and make it back to civilization. The agent then informs the heroic organization in exchange for protection while they handily expose the game show and shut down the criminal organization for good.

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