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Outwitting the devil. (3 min 09 sec)

Outwitting the devil. (3 min 09 sec)

    1. The "devil" is a metaphorical placeholder that represents any negative aspect in your life that you wish to overcome, whether it be an addiction, bad habit, or person.

    2. It symbolizes the idea of releasing and letting go of anything that hinders your inner peace.

    3. You believe yourself to be the victim of an addiction, bad habit, or person.

    4. You see it as this extraordinarily difficult thing to rid yourself of that will require immense focus and willpower.

    5. Having this point of view sinks your ship even before it departs from the harbor.

    6. You proclaim to the devil, “I’m going to get rid of you. I’m done with you already.”

    7. Do you believe the devil of your own creation is going to disappear without a fight? Not a chance.

    8. Now that the devil is aware of your plans he surrounds you with greater temptation than you ever imagined.

    9. If you are going to outwit the devil, you must not give him any advance notice.

    10. The crafty man or woman makes "no contest"; they simply leave. Do not contest or admit guilt, nor do you dispute the charges.

    11. Simply drop the addiction, bad habit, or person like that. You are your own worst enemy.

    12. If you say only to yourself, "I am going to get rid of this addiction, bad habit, or person," the devil is already aware of your plans. Because who do you think the devil is?

    13. The devil is you. You are the devil.

    14. Leaving must occur before you have a thought about leaving. Once you have a thought about leaving, everything that is not leaving will show up.

    15. The decision to leave and leaving must occur simultaneously. You must leave before you think; otherwise, it will be too late. It's all one action, not two separate actions.

    16. The only thing to do is to leave, without any previous decision on the matter. But how can you do that? That's the question, my dear friend.

    17. How can you announce that you won't make an announcement? How can you leave without deciding to leave?

    18. You try, and it doesn't happen. You try again, and it still doesn't happen. And then one day, it happens. And why did it happen?

    19. It is not that you've practiced so often that you have suddenly become perfect.

    20. What happens is that you've practiced so often that you discover for yourself that you can do it, and you had the power all along to do so.

    21. When you reach a certain point of despair, at that moment, you are leaving. You stop trying to leave because you've already left.

    22. Your decision or your will doesn't have anything to do with it at all, and that's what you need to know.

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