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Parenting Masterclass - Reinterpreting All That You See

I scream - you scream - we all scream for ice cream.
My kids - your kids - I vote for all the kids
This is experiential
Guidelines if you will - Thank You!
One Masterclass of many.
Masterclasses are self-study.
Masterclasses are 100% FREE
Masterclasses are designed to be consumed in one sitting.
Masterclasses will have practical real life applications.
No theory.
A lot of metaphors, allegories, and lessons.
Everything is experiential.
"I Don't Know Mind Approach is Encouraged.
I am not here to defend nor attack. C'mon I Love You!!!! (Feels strange - I know...duh!)
Feel free to utter what you must and the only thing that I could ever comfortably say is "Is that so?"
Don't take my word for it, you ain't heard nuttin' from me!
Pardon any typos..I've been known to omit a few things from time to time. (Helps keep my ego in check)

P.S. The only way you're going to know - the only way you're going to know - the only way you're going to know is if YOU USE IT. If you use it - your questions disappear. If you don't use it - your questions are endless.
This is Experiential. Intellectuals will have a difficult time with any Masterclass.
100% Guaranteed Positive Results

    1. My children are not my property.

    My children don't need a parent what they need is some good company.
    They need someone to love on them.
    They need someone to join the conversation they're having in their heads.
    They want me to join the party not be a party-pooper.
    I've been known to treat my children like rag dolls tossing them around anyway I see fit.
    He wants to be a musician but I strongly feel he should go to University.
    What qualifications do I have?
    Where metaphysical degree do I have?
    I Ain't won no Dad of the Year award ever.
    I just got em' by a few years anyway.
    What do I know?
    Shhhh! Are they aware of all my bloopers?
    They came through me but not to me - they're their own butterfly.

    2. I see them as incomplete

    I'm just gonna be honest - I don't claim to know the way but I've become acutely aware of what hurts and what doesn't.
    What could I possibly give to my children that they don't already have? (Trick Question or NOT) - Nothing
    What stops them from knowing what I speak about above is my interference.
    They would learn everything they needed to know quicker, faster, and more intimately without my help. Or NOT - Not my business.
    I'm just here to be good company and stay out of the way.
    My children are complete. They came here complete but they don't know it yet and the payoff for me is that I get to practice being loving over and over again until they know that for themselves.
    Can a complete God create an incomplete anything? Nah!

    3. My ego destroys everything.

    This ego of mine. He one slippery sucker. Every time I look around that rascal is front and center.
    He destroys everything in his path.
    When he don't get his way, he gets pretty cantankerous.
    His children want it one way - he want it the other way.
    wonder how that's working out for him.
    Yeah, that trying to argue with reality stuff is played out.
    Yeah, my ego is always jokeying for position. It gets me in trouble every time.
    Remember, True Love is Unconditional.
    My ego thinks it knows what's best for my kids. I keep trying to tell him he don't but he won't listen.
    If I don't want to throw a party every time I see my kids, I got more work to do.

    4. An untrained mind is dangerous

    I'm working with such little data I'm afraid to tell ya'll about.
    I can't claim to know what's best for my children.
    I can't claim that I have all of the answers. Any answer if I'm being real real honest.
    I can't to know what's the best thing for them
    I don't know if they should cat daddy in a pent house or be sleeping on a park bench.
    And when I think that I know - when I claim to know - when I act like I know -
    I can't know what my child thinks - regardless of what comes out of their mouth
    I can't know what my child feels - no matter what they say.
    I don't have my child's lessons....their awakening process
    An untrained mind: Attacks
    A trained mind: Loves
    An untrained mind: Dangerous
    A trained mind: Peaceful

    5. I'm the REAL Gang Member or Am I?

    My default settings with my children: anger, disappointment, disagreement, being right, winning, and blaming.
    I gang up on them with all the negative words and gestures.
    Love is always seeking what is seeking it...they seek love where they believe it be.
    Love is above the battle field.
    They seek in the world what they feel they should've been already been given and I get all the credit.
    What they don't realize is that they only postpone their own awakening by believing they need me from me for anything.
    I still marvel at how the sun shines on everybody.

    6. Where's the LOVE?

    No Excuses, No Ifs, No Buts, No Ands
    Where's the Love?
    It Trumps Everything.
    Love them without my story.
    Love them near, love them afar.

    7. I look at my kids like a game.

    How well am I doing at playing the game?
    Is everybody happy?
    Are my children having fun"
    Am I getting better at playing the game?
    Am I feeling more connected to the game?
    Do I feel exhausted with the game? I must be doing something wrong.
    Am I blaming the game for how well I'm not doing? out of bounds
    Am I more focused on the things I can't control (what they do when they're not around - what they think and believe) and less focused on the things that are within my control (being good company)

    8. The social media life.

    I can't compete neither should I try with the social media life.
    Nothing is novel (novel meaning new) anymore.
    Social media inflates the ego like a hot air balloon.
    Another thing I can't control. Right?
    Any path in life will help wakes us up after we've suffered enough
    Social media is just as good of a place to learn as any
    The social media life is a fast teacher.

    9. Two lanes.

    Don't you love simplicity? Me too!
    Two lanes
    My lane
    My children lane
    I stay in my lane and they stay in their lane (no exceptions)
    If problems exist I'm not in my lane.
    Love the lane-theory it works...God must of thought of that one

    10. Look at Me: XXXTentacion 2022 ‧ Documentary/Musical ‧ 2 hours

    I watched the doc. I loved the doc.
    That's my kids.
    That's your kids.
    Those are our kids.
    I had no idea that our kids were in such pain.
    I had no idea kids were so violent.
    I had no idea kids are so lost.
    I had no idea how much kids feel a need to be validated.
    I had no idea of how broken our children are.
    I had no idea that a kid so broken could open up as many hearts.
    I had no idea how much women suffer at the hands of men.
    I had no idea that so many children felt unwanted and unloved.
    I always knew that the message was key - messenger not so much
    I always knew that love is the answer

    11. The advice I plan to give to my children - me first.

    Silence is golden. The less I say, the less I have to live up to.
    If the frog tastes that good and easy to digest let me the first to eat it.

    12. The more I meddle the more I miss.

    The more I meddle in my children's life the more I miss my own.

    13. What would happen if...

    I got my children to a place the quickest where they didn't need me?
    Miracles would become their way of living - less pain - less struggle - more ease

    14. Get outta the way.

    If I would just mind my own business love will produce a much better product (loving child)
    Love the kids!
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