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Let them eat cake. A short story outline. I bet you can fill in the blanks yourself.

    1. Spouse always has to have sweets.

    I don’t want them in the house, because then I won’t eat them. They are expensive right now, anyway. Better to buy real foods.

    2. Of course, they go hand in hand with coffee.

    So why not have just a bit spouse says. I’d rather spend budget on really good organic coffee than sweet pastries.

    3. Does spouse not understand this is a SURE way to start a pointless argument?

    No. LOL. Will spouse ever learn? No. Spouse is addicted to sugar.

    4. One pointless argument leads to another idiotic argument.

    Why does this seem to happen more often now? Everyone seems to be anxious. It’s spilling over into our personal relationships.

    5. Adds to daily stress levels, when all should be trying to reduce stress levels.

    It’s difficult enough to deal with current inflationary pressures without tearing each other apart.

    6. Everyone is feeling it.

    It’s more difficult for any but the highest income percentage to deal with how fast and furious inflation has wrecked family budgets.

    7. We need to figure out ways to help people survive.

    Vegging out in front of screens is not the solution.

    8. It feels as though too many human beings are being treated as less than human.

    This is an effect of networks.

    9. How do we stop this?

    10. Don’t assume that all network effects are positive.

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