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    1. Are we annoyed with a crying baby on an airplane, or are we sympathetic to the mother who has to deal with the situation?

    2. Do we get angry at the person who cuts us off in traffic, or do we consider the person may be in a rush to get to the hospital?

    3. Can we feel overjoyed for a friend's success, or does it cause us to feel jealous?

    4. Are we pleased with the ten things we completed on our to-do lists, or are we upset over the one thing we did not?

    5. Do we dwell on not accomplishing the goal we so desperately sought, or do we feel a rush of excitement over the new possibilities that are now present?

    6. When someone smiles at us, do we think the person deviously wants something from us, or are we happy we could bring a smile to the person's face?

    7. Do we look at moving to a new place as fearful, or exciting?

    8. Are people inherently bad, and only occasionally do good things, or inherently good, and only occasionally do bad things?

    9. When an undesirable project is forced on us, do we embrace it as a challenge, or do we resist it as a nuisance?

    10. Is there never enough time, or always enough time?

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