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Pet Peeves & Trivial Hassles

It doesn’t take much to peeve me … really trivial bs … but it sure does seem to knock holes in my scheduling!

    1. Paper jams in the printer

    Today the laser printer lost its mind when its paper roller disintegrated & jammed up the machine - but it was 4 1/2 years old

    2. I had a really important project that needed an actual print on ONE piece of paper

    It picked today to die

    3. So now I have to make an unscheduled trip to the county recycle yard

    4. Can’t mail the needed physical copy today

    5. The color cartridges in the printer are still half full

    Really get peeved about waste …

    6. The cost of printers has gone up dramatically since so many are working from home now

    7. There are NO printers available in this county

    We have too many digital remote workers here - there are none available through Amazon - it will take 2 days to get a new printer direct from the manufacturer - but will be able to use the half full ink cartridges

    8. The big box office supply store has been shut - the closest one is 100 miles away

    9. The traffic is bad and will get worse as the snowbirds flock in

    A quick trip to the farm used to take 10 minutes - now it’s taking 2-3 times longer

    10. Trying to avoid getting in the vehicle by using an app is not working

    I seem to find every glitch in every app - right when it’s needed most

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