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Pink nails 'round his neck, (1 min 34 sec)

Pink is all about looking pretty and delicate.
Her nails are meticulously painted pink; she looks nice on the outside, but she's hollow on the inside.
"Round his neck" - she can't get rid of these non-stop thoughts in her mind.
She silently bemoans, "You're mine, and you can't be with anyone else. You're the source of my pain. I own you. I can't stop thinking about you. I've made an image of you. In order for me to be happy you must change first."
But at the same time, it might mean she's going through a really tough time, feeling stuck, alone, isolated, and calling out for help.

    1. but this ain't domestic.

    But here's the twist: She's not really upset for the reason she thinks.
    She's trying to fix what's happening outside, like the "pink nails 'round his neck," but the real issue is what she's thinking and believing inside.
    "It doesn't matter what's happening outside; it's how you see it inside that counts."
    This isn't about regular family stuff or personal problems. It's about how she sees things inside her mind.
    She's saying, "I have the power to change how I see this situation and the world, and only I can do that."

    2. How we see things in our minds affects us more than what's happening on the outside.

    3. We change how we feel by changing how we think.

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