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Ten+ Things On My Desk

Thanks @lovingkindnesscomedy for the idea. And the unintended nudge to clean some things up.

And what, pray tell, was the AI thinking here...

Ten+ Things On My Desk

    1. Essential oil diffuser

    2. GI Joe lunchbox holding various cords and cables

    Action Sailor (classic scuba diver picture), for those possibly interested.

    3. Letter from town about getting septic system pumped

    Yeah, its been a bit overdue, but done now.

    4. Football officiating stuff to study

    Rules book for '23, Redding Study Guide for NFHS as a study guide

    5. Empty drink glass

    Will remedy that soon.

    6. Monitor and riser

    Keys, wallet, some USBs, golf divot fixer (needs to be put away). Bottle cap for Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy.

    7. Speakers for PC

    8. WiFi router

    9. Hat

    Worn at yesterday's golf outing for work.

    10. Box of Titleist Pro V1 golf balls

    Need to get back into the car trunk.

    11. Back scratcher

    Another thing to be put away.

    12. Short stack of papers

    And, another thing to be put away.

    13. Stapler

    Yes, something that actually belongs on the desk.

    14. Calculator

    The type with a roll of paper to print the numbers.

    15. Kitten

    Not now, but often. He likes laying on the mouse pad. When I'm trying to work. But, he's so damned cute I don't have the heart to move him.

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