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Places to Hang Out for Better Ideas

    1. Near Water

    A promenade, boardwalk, beach, or in a boat.

    2. In Nature

    A forest, mountain, valley, or a local park.

    3. At a Diner or Cafe

    Preferably a place with free wifi where the management doesn't mind guests staying for several hours.

    4. At a Coworking Space

    This is basically a cafe that you have to pay a weekly or monthly fee to use.

    5. At Your Workplace

    Observe problems that could be solved with simple (or complex) solutions.

    6. At the DMV or Other Government Building That You’re Obligated to Be At

    You'll be forced to wait anyway, so you may as well think of ideas.

    7. At the Gym

    Try thinking of new ideas instead of listening to your headphones during workouts.

    8. On a Walk

    Walking's free, healthy, and gives you time to be alone with your thoughts.

    9. In the Shower or Bath

    The Ancient Greek polymath Archimedes shouted "Eureka!" when he sat down in the bath and discovered water displacement. Random insights can come to you during the routine act of bathing when you're not occupied by any distractions (though this is probably changing with the advent of water resistant smart phones).

    10. In Your Dreams

    Dreams are often a chaotic mess which you quickly forget after waking. Once in a great while, a dream can be a medium for the subconscious to bring ideas to the conscious mind. If you do dream of something interesting, write it down as soon as you get out of bed.

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