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Plan To Be In Control Of What You Think


  • a real or imaginary wrong regarded as cause for complaint or resentment.
  • a feeling of resentment or hostility arising from a sense of having been wronged.

As noted above, a grievance is a perceived wrong (note that it may be imaginary), committed against you by someone or something outside you, a wrong that in your mind justifies your complaint and resentment.

Second, a grievance is the feeling of resentment that arises from that perceived wrong. In short, a grievance is some external event about which you feel aggrieved.

Select one grievance at a time and let go of that.

Most people, when they hear me talk about letting go of grievances, they don't hear what I actually say. What they hear is, "Let go of all of your grievances in one fell swoop so that you can be happy."

So they do nothing......

Love holds no grievances.

To hold a single grievance is to not completely know thyself.

Holding onto a grievance keeps the light of the world from shining down on you.

    1. A grievance says to the world, “You did something wrong to me, and I’m rightfully upset about it.” (It says this, especially to other people)

    But the thing is, all you have to do is pick one grievance at a time to let go of.

    Release your mom, dad, sister, brother, colleagues, or boss from any perceived wrongdoing.

    Metaphorically speaking, I want you to rip your page of upset with the other right out of the book and toss it away.

    It will feel so delightful, that you'll want to repeat the process again.

    2. Take care of your big rocks first.

    Focus on the most painful upset first.

    There's no order of difficulty for love.

    All upset stems from the notion that you believe you could be hurt in some way. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    3. Plan to saturate your mind with love not hate.

    You want to establish thoughts in your mind that your intention is to always be loving and caring.

    Reprogram your mind to automatically see the innocence in everyone you meet.

    One of the greatest gifts you have at your disposal at all times is "I can choose peace instead of this."

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