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Planning To Pack Light

We are taking a trip to Iceland later in August to drive around the country and we've already started planning what to take and how to pack. I have always been a light packer. My wife has never been a heavy packer by any means but is really going to go light with this trip. Somehow, air travel seems to have gone backwards in terms of reliability and things like charging for a seatbelt serves to erode trust.

    1. Killer back pack

    I bought a supposed tactical military backpack. No idea if it really is but it seems very well designed and it expands to the size of a smallish suitcase. It was only $40 on Amazon. I wonder if the deterioration of service quality by the airlines will creatively destroy the luggage industry.


    2. Adapters and spare batteries

    We had a couple of old adapters for plugs so we upgraded to newer ones that are smaller and have more USB ports. The auxiliary phone batteries we have are old and don't work as well. We bought two batteries that each have 2.6 phone charges in them before they run out.

    3. Trying to figure out ATM cards

    If you have a large portion of your money in a checking account, it makes sense to figure out a way to not have all the exposed via the debit card in your pocket where a reader can hack your card. We figured a way to just have a little money exposed this way.

    4. Access to a washer and dryer so you can pack less

    Not on this trip LOL. Usually we stay in Airbnbs and they almost always have a washer and dryer. Obviously doing a load of laundry halfway through a trip is a great way to take less clothing. We're mostly saying in hotels of some sort, with the last two nights in Reykjavik at an Airbnb.

    5. Laptop, tablet or both?

    When we take a trip where we're going to be on one place and venture out from there, I take my laptop. On this trip, we're staying in a different place each night except at the end so just taking the tablet for this trip. I need to figure out how to access a couple of things for my day job but otherwise, the tablet will work.

    6. Packing pants

    Depending on the type of pants you wear, they can take up a lot of room. Blue jeans are a good example of this. Hiking pants that convert into shorts are example of pants that don't take up a lot of room. I think hiking pants get made fun of frequently. That's ok, I'll own that.

    7. Top layers

    It's Iceland so it is kind of cold. Not winter cold, it will be August, but highs in the 50's and lows in the 40's. Hiking clothing can be both very thin and very warm which makes them very efficient in the context of this list.

    8. Shoes

    A second pair of shoes will take a lot of room. For this trip, I think I can get by with just one pair of hiking shoes that I'd be wearing. When we go somewhere warm for the beach, my second pair is something in the flip flip area but then if it is a beach trip, I need much less in the way of clothing.

    9. A little bit of food

    Taking a little food can be a way to save money, many articles will tell you that. There's also a convenience factor to having a little food too. Sometimes store/restaurant hours can be weird or as we are staying in a bunch of very small towns, the choices might be limited. Or not, I'm not sure but I want to avoid the situation of being hungry and not being able to find food other than fermented shark (that's a thing).

    10. What about NotePD?

    I have a little bit of streak going lately. If the streak is still in tact as I get close to our trip, I'll probably cheat by writing lists before we go and then time bomb posting them (scheduled posts).

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