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Playing the Long Game - A New Way To Upgrade Your Life

What If I Told You That Everything Is Just A Game?
Let's contemplate some ideas about playing the long game.

    1. If you played the long game It would completely cure the "right now virus" that most people have when starting out on a new adventure.

    2. You'd be forced to give up the "bulldog technique" - having a grip that doesn’t let go and opt for attraction marketing instead.

    3. Flowers bloom when they bloom. Popcorn kernels pop when they pop. The quality of a lead doesn't improve by your being able to jump on it right away.

    4. You'd learn to reframe the money that you spend as a capital investment not as an expense.

    5. You'd have time to build a Prospect Snowball that keeps getting bigger and bigger as the years passed.

    6. You'd be able to understand the buying habits of your prospects. Only about 15% of prospects buy within the first 90 days, compared to 85% who will buy within the first 18 months.

    7. You'd become intimately familiar with the fact that anything can happen in a day. Are you still there when the prospect is ready to buy?

    8. You play the day (what's in front of your right now) and think at night (how well did I play the day - rinse -lather-repeat)

    9. You'd become intimately familiar with the fact that you don't control the outcome but you do have something to say about the input.

    10. You get the opportunity for some deep engaging with your prospects.

    11. There's no way to win at the long game if you don't play.

    12. Playing the short game doesn't allow time for you to collect much data. Data is your friend.

    13. The long game is mostly for the players but you will benefit as well.

    14. What are you playing for? Are you a fly-by-night kind of establishment? If not, what's the big hurry?

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