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Podcast Production's Roles that doesn't really explain what it is!

The podcast industry is getting bigger by day, by the minute! They are millions and millions of episodes released a day! However, how many do you know who is behind the scenes? Here is a breakdown of all the roles that could go into a podcast production no matter how big or how small they are, size doesn't matter!!
Now, some people have multiple roles in a smaller production, or some people just like to do everything themselves! Also, some of the roles here, you don't really need them depends on the format of your podcast!

Podcast Production's Roles that doesn't really explain what it is!

    1. Recording Engineer (Local and Remote)

    On Paper: The guy that sat behind the computer and hit the big red "Record" button and sips coffee the entire session!

    Truth: The person that is probably the most involved in pre-production discussion. Deciding the methods of capturing sounds, choosing gear, involve creatively with the producer, director, and showrunner on how should a person sound, an episode should sound, or what should be captured.
    Also probably the savviest when it comes to gear, cause any technical issue arises, you have to troubleshoot it on the spot in a short time, while entertaining the hosts, guests, and producers.

    2. Editor

    Oh Paper: Oh, the nerd that sits behind a computer all day, clicking on the mouse, and taking out filler words like "umms", "err" and pretty much everything that annoys your ear.
    Truth: The editor syncs all the tracks together, and moves the stories along. If it's fiction, sometimes they're responsible for looking for "pre-made" sound effects as well!

    3. Mixing Engineers

    On Paper: Who is and what does that guy do? Does he just mush all the tracks together and call it a day?
    Truth: In Podcasting World, most of the time, the editor double as a mixing engineer mainly cause of budget restrictions, also, no one really knows mixing engineers exist, unless you're in the audio world whether it's music or post-production.
    What they do is, they take every track of the guests and hosts, mix them together and make sure one is not louder than the other, and when there is crosstalk, the mixing engineer needs to decide who should be the primary talker and make them louder.
    However, in fiction productions, Mixing Engineers work with directors on the creativity of how the episode should sound in the final product, blending in music, sound effects, and dialogue!

    4. Sound Designers (mainly in audio fiction)

    On Paper: Scouring the internet to find different sounds and smush them together to create cool sounds like Han Zimmer's Trailer. *Boooommmmuuaaaaaaa*
    Truth: Work with the director to create certain recognizable sounds or sounds that don't exist before. The best example would be T-Rex in Jurassic Park!

    5. Mastering Engineer (Sometimes also known as Post Production Engineer)

    On Paper: What? There's Mastering Engineer?
    Truth: Mastering Engineer is also another role that not everyone knows about. They take the final product from Mixing Engineer, process it, and bring the volume to the "Standard" or what I call loud enough for consumers, and also make sure every episode sounds similar in terms of volume. After they did the processing, they have to encode the audio files into different formats for different distribution platforms!

    6. The Director (Usually Audio Fictions Only)

    On Paper: The guy that sat on the high director chair and yell, Roll! Cut! And give other people sh*t, and plan explosive shots like Michael Bay!
    Truth: Director works with everyone from recording engineers, editors, mixing engineers, and the talents to realize his creative visions.

    7. Foley Artist (Usually in Audio Fictions Only)

    On Paper: I really never heard about this guy before!
    Truth: Foley is an art, the people that make them is called Foley artist. What they do is, they perform, physically the sound effects in the film, or in this case in the podcast. If the podcast call for footsteps (Cause usually they're so soft, they're not even picked up by the microphone.) They have to imitate the movement in the studio, and record just footsteps! Here's a great video about Foley Artist:

    8. Music Editor/ Composer (Usually in Audio Fiction Only)

    On Paper: Hans Zimmer, and John William waving a wand, and the music magically appears!
    Truth: most of the time, depends on the budget, these are usually carried out by the same people. They write the music for the episodes of shows in general, and then they edit them and insert them when necessary!

    9. Producers

    On Paper: The God Send Human Being that brings you that amazing podcast!
    Truth: That's partly true! Producers bring all the talent like directors, recording engineers, mastering engineers, guests, and hosts to make the project successful. At the same time, they deal with budget, schedules, social media, and most often or not, marketing as well!

    10. Of course, there are a lot more roles that involve in a big-budget production especially if you're funded by big guns. The above a few that I think most people should recognize them!

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