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Popeman and Choirboy (Part 5)

The conclusion to the epic story.

John Paul has teamed back up with Fredrik (Who's dressed up as a nancey boy for some reason). Jesus was slaying bombs under the bridge. Christmas is almost here, will our Heros succeed in their missionbefore Santa visits? Read on to find out.

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    1. Finding Jesus

    John Paul and Fredrick arrive at the bridge. 'Where's Jesus? He should be finished by now.' John and Fredrick step out the car and wander into the darkness. Out of nowhere a bum jumps down and attacks them. John swings his bat, but misses. The bum attacks again clawing John's face. Blood drops to the floor. Aaaggghhh!!! John's screem alerts the other bums eyes open all around. They're outnumbered. Frederick runs and stabs his pen into the homeless bum. John sneezes the opertunity and whacks with all his might. Dislocating the head from the body. It rolls towards one of the other bums who picks it up and screams. Whilst they are startled John and Fredrick run and hide. They wait and in time the bums settle down. And start walking towards the same destination. John and Fredrick follow. 

    2. Save the saviour

    After following they find that they are walking towards jesus. He's tied to a chair and being beaten. 'we need to save him' 'but how? There's too many' Frederick then notices gas canisters next to a few of their tents. 'gather them up and place them over there. I'll distract them for now.' John Paul seeks out and starts to gather the canisters. Just as he gathers the last he's noticed. John swings the canister at him quickly before he has time to alert the others, knocking him out. Then places the last of the canisters down. 

    Whilst this is going on fredrick runs around shouting to get the attention of the bums. It works they all chase after him. Fredrick runs past a wine bottle and picks it up. He rips cloth from his Cape. Dips it in a puddle of oil and stuffs it into the bottle. John Paul then shouts getting the attention of the bums. And drawing them all towards the canisters. Once they are close enough, fredrick lights the cloth with a small fire and throws it. Boooommm! The place engulfs in light. Fredrick quickly releases Jesus and they run to freedom. They make it to the car and drive towards the church. 

    3. Christmas

    'we did it we saved Christmas.' They all cheer and turn on the radio to celebrate. They hear someone say 'you failed, before laughing. Hahahaha!' then out of nowhere boom! An explosion behind them. Boom! Another one. With every turn there's more. They failed. But how, they killed them all. Right? 

    4. That's it

    At least for now. Hope you enjoyed the first draft. I think I'll make this into a comic. 

    Please let me know what your thoughts are. 



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