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Quiero volver a México

    1. We did a split stay between some resorts and it was neat checking out the different vibe at each one.

    2. I mostly disconnected - it was amazing.

    I'd make a point to try to check my phone only 1-2x a day for a few items, but other than using it for the resort app for the menus or schedule I'd keep it away from me.

    3. There's nothing like sleeping outside under the stars

    With the sound of nature (in this case ocean waves and birds).

    4. We were treated like royalty

    Two of the resorts are part of a larger family of resorts we've been to several times. I think they have some sort of CRM keeping data and notes on customers, past visits, requests, etc.. At each resort we were definitely given the best room of the category we booked, treated to quite a bit of extras, and while they always go above and beyond - this was more than that. It could be that we're repeat customers, or something else, but it's extremely generous and kind.

    5. I love when others share their stories

    When it comes to this type of vacation I don't necessarily talk to other hotel guests (here and there), but I love getting to know the staff. The stories each person shares: their family, their hometown, how they got into their line of work, stuff they like and where they travel or what they do for fun. It means so much to me that they're willing to share and we connect as fellow humans. It's always one of my favorite parts of traveling.

    6. Read all the books

    One year I devoured 7 books. This year I read 4 light easy-breezy beach reads. Not my normal genre, but I needed the mental break and it worked out well.

    7. Rain, clouds, and sunny days

    Generally speaking, it's almost always hot and sunny when we visit. This time there were a few days of non-stop rain and cloudy weather. Honestly, it was perfect. I was going to be in the water anyway so what does a little bit of rain do? There's a lot of beauty in those overcast days.

    8. I have unending curiosity

    I want to know so much more about the area and people. I want to get out of the resorts and explore the towns, visit local shops and places to eat, and truly get to know what it's like to be a part of the community there. I know I have the privilege of being able to go and spend time at a fancy resort with amazing service, but it's tucked away from the rest of the world. I want to know and see it all.

    9. Time spent with my partner

    We were also there to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I find taking the time to be with just one another to be a key component in keeping our relationship healthy and happy. Being able to spend hours talking, snuggling, and being completely silly was so needed. Some nights we danced on our terrace, or he humored me with walks or time spent on the beach (the weirdo hates the beach). So much laughter and giggles.

    10. And seriously, just grateful

    I am genuinely lucky that I can go away, travel, spend time with loved ones, and have amazing friends & family who look after our son while we're away. Sometimes I'm shocked at these nice vacations as they were something that felt so far out of reach growing up. Even when things go wrong (and trust me, there were times they did), I still want to soak in all of the goodness and be thankful for everything that was right.

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