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Potential art styles for Popeman

Now that I'm set on making this into a comic what would I like it to look like? 

    1. Shaman King

    I love this art style. It's beautiful. So much energy in every drawing. I'm a very fast (sounds better than lazy) artist. I don't know if I'd get anywhere close to this. Maybe I can find a way to get what I want in less time. 


    2. Scott Pilgrim

    Manga, but a lot simpler. This is something I could more reasonable do. I love the movement in the panels and the speach bubbles. Lots of small touches that add more life to the art. 


    3. Shin chan

    Very basic art yet it's cute and fun enough that everyone loves it. The main focus is on the humour so the art adds to it rather than becomes the main focus, this sounds like something I should remember when drawing my own panels. 


    4. Gorillaz

    Iconic. They became fashion models. A focus on clothing might be something to consider. This is more work than I'm use to, but maybe simple clothing could lead into selling tshirt designs featured in the comic. 

    Unique designs for each character should be a focus. Earlier examples could have a hair cut and easily be mistaken for another character, face, eyes, and body shapes should be diffrent, at least for main characters. 


    5. Ignorent Tattoos

    Rough, badly drawn yet their loveable in their own weird way. How can something be devoid of talent and still be loved enough to have it permanently tattooed? If I get this essence I can work faster and focus more on the story /dialogue and humour. Maybe this style is still too neish to attract anyone. 

    6. King of the hill

    As far as adult animations go this is the most realistic (that comes to mind), but it's also very simple. Maybe I could rotoscope (draw over real photos) and gain a similar look. 


    7. My own style

    It's always gonna merge back to my own style. Currently it's something like this. Do I want to continue with digital art or do it on paper? 

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